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Design Crush
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  6. "Goddamnit, man. I tell you it’s fear of the sack! Tell them that this man Kemp is fleeing St. Louis because he suspects the sack is full of something ugly and he doesn’t want to be put in with it. He senses this from afar. This man Kemp is not a model youth. He grew up with two toilets and a football, but somewhere along the line he got warped. Now all he wants is Out, Flee. He doesn’t give a good shit for St. Louis or his friends or his family or anything else… he just wants to find some place where he can breathe… is that good enough for you?" — Paul Kemp in The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson 5 days ago
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  9. a party of cats by sandara 1 week ago
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'my deer friend'

Little deer friend 2 weeks ago
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